Trust for Photo

Trust for Photo (T4Photo) implements T4O and T4A technology.

Trust for Object (T4O) allows contextualize and build trust at the moment of electronic object creation and making TrustObject.

The TrustObject is signed electronically to give integrity, the trust in the authenticity is directly proportional to the trust in the electronic signature used.

Trust for Archive (T4A) is designed to maintain confidence in the integrity of TrustObject created with T4O technology.

T4Photo is an app that allows to get a trust photo contextualized:

  • Geoloc
  • Timing
  • Network
  • Device Information
  • User and Object Information

All communication between T4Photo and an archive system based on T4A is done by messages contained within a TrustObject, which is also archived, allowing to have maximum security and traceability.

T4Photo includes a task manager that allows to receive defined tasks in a third-system or creating our own tasks with new events.


  • To capture situations immediately after they happen.
  • Maximum confidentiality, if desired, the information of tasks performed or photos don’t reside on the mobile device.
  • Traceability of tasks progress performed by different pictures.
  • Time stamp both the creation and the deposit in the archive.
  • Integrity of picture and contextual metadata.
  • Perpetuality of archived pictures on a T4A system.


  • Insurance
    • Using T4Photo by policyholders can expedite claims processing and can take pictures at the time of the incident. The insurer can also communicate with experts for conducting or reviewing tasks.
  • Transactions
    • We can take pictures of the state of a property before and after a rental agreement, between the sale and delivery…
  • Security, cleaning, repairs…
    • Equip their teams with T4Photo, companies can have more trust in the good performance of the tasks, and can transmit that trust to your customers.
  • Logistics
    • T4Photo allows us to increase trust in a delivery receipt or status of a product. We also can help to give trust in the traceability of transport.
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