Trust for Object

Before to describe Trust for Object (T4O) we define two important concepts:

  • Trust: Fully sureness in the integrity, ability, or nature of a person or thing.
  • Electronic object: A set of bits representing or willing to convey something.

Electronic archive systems provide perpetuity to archived electronic objects integrity, but experience has shown us that each day is more important to trust in the electronic object from the moment of its creation.

We must contextualize and generate trust in the moment of creation of the electronic object, which is why we have developed Trust for Object (T4O).

We seek is to provide integrity and authenticity not only in the electronic object itself but also in the metadata that associated, such as information about who, when and where made it and all information context we can provide.

T4O technology gives to electronic objects higher trust than any other reliable electronic system because it fully warranties all associated metadata.

With the T4O SDK, you can create from an electronic object a TrustObject. We can trust in it whatever trust that we shall have in the channel by which it is transported. We need to trust in electronic object and in what it represents, not just the channel, because if we trust just channel, when it is broken all trust is broken.

You can apply T4O technology to provide trust to a picture taken on a mobile device or to provide trust to a message for control traffic lights, or for audit and archive actions when you open electronic doors in a hotel.

In order to maintain trust in a TrustObject, we have created Trust for Archive (T4A) to guarantee its integrity, traceability and reversibility along time.

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